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Shipping Crates


Wooden shipping crates suitable for airline transport. Varying sizes. I can make small and medium size carriers for $15. per hole. They have hinged lid with hasp to secure during shipment. Larger sizes priced according to cost of materials. Two hole carrier 24X16X12H $30.


Nestboxes boxes 2

Nestboxes available in a variety of sizes. Custom sizes and designs can be ordered. Prices that follow are for boxes made from new materials. Small and medium boxes are made from 1/2" and 3/8" plywood, brad nailed and glued. Large and X-Large boxes are made from 1/2" plywood, brad nailed and glued.

Small nestboxes; 9" X 12" X 7"H $8.00 each
Medium nestboxes: 9" X 16" X 9"H $10.00 each
Medium nestboxes: 9" X 14" X 9"H $10.00 each
Large nestboxes: 12" X 18" X 11"H $15.00 each
X-Large nestboxes: 12" X 22" X 11"H $15.00 each

Prices reflect material cost November 2012. Prices may vary depending on current material costs.

Show Carrier Stands

show carrier stand

Show Carrier Stand @ 8 ft rails $30 per pair

Grooming Tables

Grooming TableGrooming Table 2 Grooming table 3

Grooming Tables range in size, design, detailing and finishing. Prices range from $65-$120. Please inquire.

folding table

Folding Grooming Table $35

Pet Rabbit Hutch


Sturdy 24" X 30" pet rabbit hutch with lifting top, pull out cleaning tray, wire floor, urine guards, metal protected edges to prevent chewing, exit ramp,fully weatherproof roof, sturdy 3/4" plywood construction. Unpainted $275 Painted $300. Inquire about other sizes and a duplex model. I would be happy to give you a quote.

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